Our Philosophy

The Sassoon philosophy is one I continue to embrace today.  That beauty is different for every person and reaching it shouldn’t be a daily struggle. That's why I tailor every cut, colour and style by considering an individual's unique features and needs when conceiving their cut and colour. I cut shapes that stay in the hair, making it quick and simple to style each day.

Jonathan 'Brett' Tennyson


Founder & CEO of Tennyson Hair Designs

Master Stylist Jonathan 'Brett' Tennyson has almost 20 years of experience in specializing in color, cut and product knowledge.

Aloha Ke Akua,

I would like to tell you a little about myself. I offer private, personalized and confidential hair services. Once you know my credentials and background I am sure you will be able to appreciate the talent, and integrity I bring to my work.

I was raised from an early age here on the Big Island. My father Johnathan Tennyson was a world-recognized leader of solar vehicle design and owner of Suntera Solar Electric Chariot Co. on the Hamakua Coast, Hawaii. He and Paul Mitchell were best friends as am I with Paul’s son Angus. We lived on the Awapuhi farm that my father and Paul owned and it continues to produce the fragrant blossoms for Paul Mitchell’s famous shampoo. As kids, Angus and I would help harvest the flowers for Awapuhi Shampoo.

I was set on the path of my dad in the solar industry when his untimely death changed all that. Angus encouraged me to attend beauty school and in 1998 I graduated from the iconic and world renowned Vidal Sassoon Academy. I immediately went to work with Bruno Meglio and Soonie Paik in their distinguished Beverly Hills salon, Bruno & Soonie. The salon is known for its celebrity clientele, many of whom I served regularly as their trusted stylist. During this time I regularly participated in continued education and the refinement of my craft. My resume also includes work at John Paul Mitchell Systems with Angus Mitchell as we traveled the US teaching colour, cutting, styling and working on stage.

In 2007 I came back to The Big Island, to my roots, to the place my dad loved. I became head stylist at the Paul Brown Salon at Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel where I specifically served their elite clientele. Now, I have my own space in Kailua-Kona where I get to serve clients in choosing a hairstyle that fits their lifestyle as well as highlights their best features.

It is my desire to help you reduce your stress and let you experience my talent as a colourist, master hair cutter and stylist.

Call or text me for an appointment today and let me show you how great your hair can look!

With Aloha,


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